BidOn Extended Reality (XR)
BidOn Extended Reality
Volodymyr Fedorenko
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BidOn Extended Reality
BidOn Games Studio
Who we are?
BidOn Games Studio / BidOn XR is your reliable partner in VR/AR app and game development

BidOn Games Studio / BidOn XR, located in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, has operated in the VR/AR and game development industry since 2012. We're a team of professional Unity/C# developers and 2D/3D Artists, providing services of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality development, iOS and Android game development, and Video game development. We offer custom software development, and co-development as a CTO.

Enhance your business with a team of tech professionals!
What do we offer?
We help to improve your business with high-end technologies (XR)
  • Sales
    Increase Sales revenue
  • Optimization
    Business processes
  • Promotion
    Product/Company Promotion
  • Online advertising
    Product Advertising
  • Gamification
    Business processes
  • Education
What do we work with?
We are your reliable partner in AR/VR/MR/App development!
Virtual Reality
HTC Vive/Pro
HTC Vive Focus
Oculus Rift/S
Quest 2 / 3
Pico G3
Mixed Reality
Meta 2 SDK
Cardboard + ARCOre
PC Apps
Augmented Reality
Vuforia SDK
AR Foundation
Mobile Apps
iOS Apps
Android Apps
Touch Screens
Windows/Mac OS
Web Development
Industries we work for
Samples: Automotive
Virtual Reality
Engine Repairing
Training simulation made for Automotive College
Virtual Reality & WebGL
Lost Corvettes
Car show
Samples: Healthcare
Virtual Reality
All are based on scientific research by Humboldt University, Berlin.
Virtual Reality
Magic Crystal Cave
Magic Horizons | Virtual Reality for a better life
Samples: Retail
Virtual Reality
Dynamometric torque wrench
Demo for Presentation
Samples: Education
3D Face Anatomy
Demo for Cosmetologic use cases
Virtual Reality
Auto Body Parts Painting
Get hands-on practice in a realistic virtual environment.
Samples: Medicine
Virtual Reality
Shoulder Surgery VR
This is a training simulator that shows customer's products in a fun and interactive way in Virtual Reality.
Samples: Agriculture
Augmented Reality
AR mobile app that can be used for measuring watering of a given area and placing 3D plant models
Samples: Real Estate
Virtual Reality
Real Estate Use Case
House presentation
Samples: Entertainment
Virtual Reality
Kid's Safety
VR Simulator
Virtual Reality
VR Simulator
Virtual Reality
Car Cleaning/Detailing
VR Simulator
Samples: Marketing
Augmented Reality
Volumetric Hologram
Use case for Presentations and for tourists guides
Samples: Manufacturing
Virtual Reality
Steel Crane
Training simulator
Samples: Engineering
Virtual Reality
Komatsu Hydraulic
Experience the future of mining training with Komatsu's VR simulator for hydraulic settings. Train with multiplayer capabilities in intelligent mining excavators!
Samples: Military
Virtual Reality
Weapon Simulator
Hardware + Software integration
Samples: Games
Mobile Game
Ukrainian ATGM System on Android and iOS
BidOn Extended Reality
BidOn Games Studio
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CEO & Head of Service Delivery
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