bidon games studio

BidOn Games Studio erases the boundaries of the real world providing virtual reality apps development services

BidOn Games Studio provides virtual reality apps and games, 360-degree videos for a wide range of industries, including automotive, real estate, trade, advertising, health care, education, entertainment and much more. We deliver mobile and PC VR projects covering the whole range of the most popular VR headsets, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, PS4/Playstation4 VR, Samsung Gear VR, DayDream, Google Cardboard, etc. Step into a new world of limitless possibilities by taking advantage of a ground-breaking VR technology!
PC+VR project implemented utilizing Daydream SDK. The PC editor mode allows users to customize the house, while the mobile VR part allows viewing these changes and moving around a real-life house model via teleport. The project is aimed at Real Estate market.
VR Demo implemented with the aim to test the limits of Unity 3D Engine in VR in terms of photorealism. The 3D modeling took 1 week using 3DSMax.
A virtual reality game project developed using Oculus Rift SDK for Unity. This tool demonstrates the potential of virtual reality technology in 3D environments. Main functionality includes the ability to select different colors from the range of available, color different objects, grabbing and placing selected objects.
Rings Toss
Arcade style virtual reality game developed using Oculus Rift SDK for Unity. A classic Ring-toss game allows throwing rings using controller and score points. The game has a leaderboard, Google Play services.