AR kit is quite new technology allowing placing digital objects on top of horizontal surfaces without using any markers. Every time a new technology comes up on the market there are millions of early adopters willing to test it and showcase some demos. BidOn Games Studio was one of those.

We've implemented a number of demos, as well as working full-scale projects using ARKit SDK and we've come across one weird thing…. There are no tutorials explaining to ordinary non-tech people how to use ARKit apps. Although it may seem for developers, many people have no idea on how physically use these apps. There are tons of demo videos demonstrating the app's functionality, but not the technology itself.

BidOn Games Studio pushes the boundaries of AR market, therefore, trying to make this technology accessible to the mass market, and this article is dedicated to eliminating the gap between the technology enhancements and user awareness.

So, what to do once you have installed the ARKit app:

  • Make sure there is enough light (whether you're outdoors or indoors)
  • Lunch the app
  • Read the instructions pop-up if there is any displayed
  • Scan the horizontal surface (table, floor or road) – yellow dots should appear all over it indicating the scanning process
  • Tap on the screen in place where you'd like the model to appear
  • If the model is quite large, make a few steps back and make sure you have enough room for it. Some apps, like 360-degree portals, allow the user walk around the scene, so make sure you avoid physical obstacles, eg. tables, moving cars etc.)
  • Some apps feature such functionality as scaling, rotating, moving models, changing their color etc.
Have any questions, watch the video below, hope it will be informative and helpful: