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Our XR department scales various industries and customer business needs with AR solutions

Add interactivity to usual daily things, expand your view and senses with Augmented Reality technology. We offer all kinds of Augmented reality apps development, augmented reality games, augmented reality books for iOS and Android platforms. We utilize the whole range of innovational AR technologies including ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia 7, as well as Unity 3D SDK. Guided by a personal approach to each project, BidOn Games Studio specialists are ready to advise the best solution based on your needs, whether it's a plane detection, marker-less or marker-based application. Upgrade your reality to Augmented, find out about the best solution for you!

Augmented Reality | Volumetric video

We continue to discover the new practical XR solutions for businesses and entertainment.
Volumetric capture—so-called because it records video that has volume— is a means of recording fully three-dimensional holograms.

How many products your brand can sell with that type of promo?

This solution an excellent choice if you want to create amazing AR/VR/MR content with super-realistic quality and timework optimization. Any graphic designer cannot create the same quality model faster.
The fully three-dimension holograms will be the next level of VR/AR experiences for brands with their storytelling and performances.
Now a person is able to leave about himself not only notes, photographs and videos, but a whole realistic 3D hologram.

Multiplayer AR

Markerless augmented reality application for more convenient promotions and driving sales. The main feature is extending your presentation possibility in the interaction between your representative and customers at the same time. Your sales manager spectacularly demonstrates the object with all options for a number of buyers by phones or tablets. In addition, this solution fixes any issues with transportation your prototypes and placement to stay. Your consumers keeping attention, unlike, boring PowerPoint presentations and POS-materials.


Helmet is a marker-based augmented reality application developed utilizing Vuforia SDK. The goal of the app is to have individual Content Packages that can be added and updated from time to time. The app loads an AR Layer when it encounters one of the images from the selected content package. The project is aimed at promotion specific beer brand.


BLK AR is a marker-based augmented reality application developed utilizing Vuforia SDK. The app designed with the aim to visualize branded products and garments, allowing the users to rotate, explore and use the interactive buttons to find information and details of our performance sportswear.


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