bidon games studio

BidOn Games Studio is your reliable cross-platform mobile and video game developer

We are a team of Unity 3D developers with a creative mindset allowing us to implement custom cross-platform mobile games (iOS and Android), interactive augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. BidOn Games Studio is ready to become your outsource partner in 2D/3D game development of any genre ranging from the quiz and educational games for children to multi-player shooters.


Stugna is a single-player shooter and operator simulator an anti-tank missile system (ATGM).
Stugna-P was developed by the Kyiv Luch Design Bureau and has been in use by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine since 2011.
We offer you to try yourself in the role of the operator of the launcher and get acquainted with how it works against armored objects and various types of vehicles. Also compete with other players for the right to be the first in the ranking of the best shooters.

Royal Roads

2D Strategy with 3D elements. The game features 100 main and 10 additional levels. Updated fresh graphics and mechanics. The princess embarks on an exciting adventure to hunt down the evil witch and turn back into her true self! Get ready for vibrant locations, exciting levels, fun characters, simple gameplay for any age, great music and a storyline you'll never forget! Adventure awaits on the Royal Roads! Target audience: adults, kids. Available on Steam and XBOX.

Meteor - the Planet Destroyer

A non-standard old school style Arcade game. 15 well-balanced levels, retro 8-bit 2D graphics and sounds, and capturing gameplay. The game was developed from scratch – just an idea without any ocumentation at the initial stage. A Dame Designer wrote a DGG that features game mechanics and features, level design, game balancing, technical specifications for the game. Development time-frame: 5 months. Target audience: adults, kids.

Droid Wars

Droid Wars is a 3D multiplayer game designed and developed from scratch, including 3D modeling and animation, as well as level design. Players have an ability to assemble their custom droids and use them to fight in the arena against other players. The game features in-app purchases, power-ups, log-in and ranking systems. Users can gather the whole clan of droids, customize the arena with obstacles, traps, and receive challenges from other teams. Target audience: children and adults.

Culture Generale

Culture Générale is an educational quiz game that includes over 1000 questions on different subjects: General Culture, History, Math, Geography, Music, Cinematography, IT, etc. "Random" mode allows getting the questionnaire that covers different subjects at once. "Hardcore challenge" covers 30 questions, answering correctly to all of them will unlock 500 additional questions. This 2D application for iOS and Android platforms features in-app purchases and in-app advertising functionality, login and ranking systems. Target audience: children and adults.


AwanaVerse is an educational 2D game for children developed accordingly to the International Awana program. This free-to-play 3-in-a-row puzzle game is available both for iOS and Android platforms, features in-app advertising, registration and login functionality, does not require an internet connection to play. Completion of each level provides the player with an opportunity to learn a new bible verse. The whole game was developed from scratch, including 2D modeling and animation. Target audience: children.

Funny Business

Funny Business is an example of simulators allowing players to try themselves as businessmen starting with the assembly of simple toys for sale and earning coins to buy power-ups and expend the business. It is a 2D mobile game featuring in-app purchases functionality, ranking system, multiple levels that open new game objects and possibilities, such as advanced materials, new designs, and decorations, improving buildings. Target audience: children and adults.