Multiplayer AR empowers sales representatives and distributors with a super handy tool
Most of our R&D projects and demos are inspired by our customers. It is they who make us strive for more when it comes to technologies. And here comes one of our recent case studies.

The problem. Many times we've heard of certain issues that retailers face in the process of closing a big deal. How to bring a heavy and outsized piece of machinery or an entire airplane to potential customers for showcasing? Don't forget about dozens of certificates, permissions, international law and regulations, transportation costs, installation works, duties on cargo and time expenses. Moreover, the presentation itself has to be explanatory, catching and selling.

Solution. This is when the Augmented Reality technology steps in. Take a digital model of the item you're selling to any point on the globe in the form of mobile app running on smartphones or tablets. Multiplayer AR simplifies the presentation allowing the sales person to share the same experience with the number of users. Whether the admin rotates, presses something, zooms in/out, changes colors or highlights certain parts, triggers the pop-ups with info – everyone will see the same thing happening on their screens!

Multiplayer AR can be used in Real Estate for AR tours, Education, Construction and Heavy Machinery, Art and Entertainment, Health Care and Medicine, Automotive Industry - the list is endless! Forget old-schooled brochures, PowerPoint presentations, scale models and all that outdated stuff. The technology is already here to make our lives easier and much more fascinating.


- no need of taking a physical object to a showroom,

- the ability to demonstrate full-scale (real life) or reduced digital replica,

- possibility to present prototypes in their early stages,

- the ability to engage all participants in the interactive experience and allow them explore together.

Technology: Unity3D, ARKit.

Target devices: ARKit capable devices (iPnones, iPads)

Watch our video to see how it works: