Meet the Meteor - the Planet Destroyer game on stores, its available now!

Within 5 productive month the team of 4 people, including Project Manager, Game/Level Designer, Unity/C# Developer, 2D Artist, have been working on a non-standard old school style game for our partner - Big Cats LLC. And now BidOn Games Studio has great news for all those admires of retro 8-bit style like the early Nintendo games - Meteor - the Planet Destroyer has been finally realized and now everyone interested can download it from Play Market or App Store.

Imagine, you are a Meteor and your goal is to destroy different planets by ramming into them. After each attempt you can spend the points you have earned on leveling up your Meteor and can try again. The stronger your rock the more planets you can destroy. 15 well-balanced levels, retro graphics and sounds allow adults dive into their childhood, and the capturing gameplay won't leave aside the younger generation of players!

In the process of development, the designer was able to easily place and relocate obstacles using a special tool developed by the team. Thanks to this tool, the designer was able to figure out the best time and place of obstacles emergence in order to fill the gameplay with fun while not overload the player to reach the maximum retention rate.

The core functionality has been changed twice in order to fulfill all the customer's needs. This was achieved thanks to the fact, that the entire development process was split into multiple 2-weeks long iterations. Such iterations have resulted in the workable products ready for testing, thus Big Cats LLC was able to keep track of the way his initial concept was implemented on a step-by-step basis, add or change some features at any stage.

The game was developed from scratch – just an idea without any documentation at the initial stage. Therefore, alongside the 2D modeling and UI design, as well as the development, we've allocated a Dame Designer who wrote a DGG that features game mechanics and features, level design, game balancing, technical specifications for the game. Each member of a team together with the client had an opportunity to share their ideas, suggestions and possible solutions on order to reach the main goal of the game.

If you got a game idea, we're ready to discuss, don't hesitate, just drop us a line!