BidOn Games Studio always attends industry changing events: meet us in New York April 18-19-th 2018!

BidOn Games Studio is always seeking new opportunities and strives to find out more about the latest achievements in game development industry, as well as such rapidly developing industries as VR and AR. For this reason we're flying overseas, and this time you'll be able to meet us in New York City this April.

We're planning to attend two events:

April 18-th Building and Using Virtual Reality in Education meetup that will be held at NY Media Center

April 19-th April (Gaming) meetup that will be held at Central Park East and West

Why attend meetups?

Meetups have become extremely popular over the last couple of years. This is a great way to meet people who have common interests, share some experience and find partners to work on ongoing or upcoming projects. From our own experience we can tell that meetups can take many forms but they are usually quite informal and often fun. Unlike conferences, such events usually take form of after-parties or coffee brakes: no official dress codes, no boring long speeches, no strict time-frame for conversations and all that king of things.

Typically the organiser will have booked a private meeting venue and will provide some refreshments, recovering the costs by charging a small fee to attendees. The organiser will usually decide on a topic for a particular meetup and then arrange speakers to talk on related subjects. Free time is almost always allowed for the attendees to network amongst themselves and many people who attend meetups will say they find this networking opportunity to be the most valuable part of the sessions.

Benefits of Meetups

Everyone who attends will have similar interests

They are a great way of meeting new people and partner with someone

You will get ideas and inspiration from speakers and other attendees

You are certain to pick up tips that you can implement in your own business

By sharing what you are struggling with you may well find some helpful advice

So, don't hesitate, join the meetups in New York City to meet the professionals in VR industry!