Over the last year Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari have stopped supporting Flash. And by 2020 Flash will be completely dead. Does this mean that many of popular games will also die? We have a solution to avoid this undesirable scenario.

Lately, we've received numerous requests from clients who are willing to port their games into Unity. Such requests are easy to explain: who wants to lose the game that has thousands or even millions of installations and fans all over the world?

At first, such task might seem easy, although it's not in practice. We've had to cope with the number of obstacles in the process of porting Flash projects into Unity. One of the biggest issues was the RAM consumption by the application.

For most modern devices the RAM consumption up to 500MB won't be a problem. BUT, here comes the fun part, running such app on a low-end device like Lenovo Tab 2 A7 30D (Android 5.0.1), Alcatel Pixi 3 (Android 4.4.2), BQ Edison 3 (Android 5 Kitkat), Wiko Bloom (Android 4.4.2), 2SmartPad Mediacom S2 3G (Android 4.4), iPhone 5C or alike according to the technical specs will lead to it's constant crashing.

Analyzing this crucial bug, we've fixed a number of things that could cause the crashing. Aside from other issues, the biggest one was the size of atlases. Huge animations that contain a lot of parts were consuming too much of the device's RAM.

Such experience has brought us to several solutions that can predict the end-result. Also, we've come up with the solution of atlases optimization that allows to cut down the RAM consumption thus allowing the app to be used by the wider range of audience.

So, if you really care and love your Flash game and want to save "it's life", don't hesitate and contact BidOn Games Studio to get the best solution.