TED Talk: VR technology offers a playful solution to the housing crisis

We're proud to announce that the video featured at has generated over 300 K views! What's so special about this video? In the video, our partner Sarah Murray describes the game-changing project for the housing market that was implemented in cooperation with BidOn Games Studio!

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The outcome of the first iteration is the PC+VR project implemented utilizing Daydream SDK. The PC editor mode allows users to customize the house, while the mobile VR part allows viewing these changes and moving around a real-life house model via teleport. Users are able to select and add items, move them or delete, choose the décor they like and take a virtual tour around the house.
VR technology offers a playful solution to the housing crisis
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The plans are: expand the existing prototype project that will affect the housing market and change the way people buy houses, allowing them to cut down the expenses in terms of time and budgets, while get what they dream of! Build a house designed to your taste and needs without leaving your apartment, plan it together with your family or a couple and then watch your idea come to life!