Why networking is so important for pushing the growth of VR industry?
BidOn Games Studio is always open to sharing own experience to be among the early adopters of the recent achievements in VR Industry. This is the reason why we're always participating in the top industry events, such as the recent VR Expo 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany (05-06 Jul 2018) organized by LIGHTSHAPE GmbH & Co. KG and the Virtual Dimension Center (VDC).

Within two days, 47 exhibitors have presented professional VR and AR applications for engineering, marketing, service and training to the 1500 visitors. Renowned exhibitors and sponsors such as Daimler, Microsoft Germany, Bosch, Barco and PTC have showcased the way VR technology is changing the business, opening new opportunities for designers, retailers, business conferences and employee training.

If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
In addition, the visitors had a unique opportunity to test the latest hardware, including motion capturing systems, VR gloves, 360-degree cameras, XR headsets; as well as software solutions.

If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
So, what's new? We had a chance to test and purchase Meta 2 AR glasses which can be called a more affordable analogue of HoloLens. Compared with the latter, Meta 2 are less stable, although it's still a beta release and therefore the developer promises that stability will be improved.

The Key Meta 2 Headset Specifications are:

- 90-degree field of view

- 2.5K resolution, 60Hz refresh rate

- Hand interaction & positional tracking sensors

- 720p front-facing RGB camera

- 2.7 m cable for video, data & power

- Weighs 500g

- Adjustable head straps for comfort

- Memory foam support pads

- 4 surround sound speakers

- 3 microphones

In general, we've met many like-minded people who are really passionate about Virtual Reality, and now we're definitely ready for new exciting and game-changing projects! So check out our recent updates!