Will virtual sports events transform the way the fans perceive the sport itself?

This time we're not going to speak about the use of Virtual Reality technology itself. Instead, we'd like to draw Your attention to the virtual sports and betting. There are numerous betting companies that have stepped away from the ordinary spinners and poker games to sorts. Instead of accepting the bids on real-life games, they are generating their own virtual football, basketball and tennis tournaments.

The result of such games is not predicted or predefined by humans. There are special randomizer engines that using complex digital processing algorithms generate the scenario of the events occurring on the field, thus the resulted game is much like a real one where the outcome is the result of different actions and consequences.

Here's an example of a virtual game to get a better idea:
Users bet the same way as like they did in case of a real-life game. The ratios and the percentage of the amount of money won by each user is also calculated the same way. The only difference is that this game is virtual. No matter which sport we're talking, from horse racing to golf tournament, people from all over the world can watch it simultaneously. The experience looks quite realistic: advertising banner, commentator, shouting crowd, etc. – it's all there!

The most important thing the developers of such experiences should pay close attention to is the quality of visual content. The art should be designed at high-level, the animations should be smooth and realistic.

To make the animations appealing is used the motion capture data obtained with the help of real people. This data is then cleaned and used as a basis for modeling. Given that the randomizer produces the game in the video format obtained by stitching together a set of picked animations, each animation should be quite short to cover just a single move or gameplay episode. Here's an example of kick animation accompanied by a sound produced by BidOn Games Studio:

While virtual sports won't replace real games, at least for now, it's definitely a great alternative for all those who are not whiling to heave their place to watch a football game at the stadium, or those who love betting and don't really care if the event was real like true fans do.

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