Your XR idea #1

Additional sales for services or new options

How you can prove your client needs to spend on it

by Vladimir Fedorenko - Head of delivery at BidOn Games Studio
Introduction: We decided to launch an interesting rubric called "Your XR idea". This is a series of articles and cases in which we reveal the practical application of Extended Reality in various conditions. We do not claim that any of these cases is exactly what you need right now. This is not a panacea, but a tool with which you can move your business grow up. It is more important for us to convey that the idea + personal solutions from specialists are able to solve any task. Whether it is cost optimization or the need for additional sales.
Let's talk about sales and customer relationships.
Everyone who sells a product or service is well aware of their advantages and disadvantages. The greater the ratio in favor of the first, the easier it is for them to make the first sale. But, even better, sales managers faced the situations, when clients did not want to spend additional money on a commodity or service. Most commercial leases will put the tenant in charge of taking care of maintenance and repairs to the specific unit they occupy. It is harder to persuade the client to allocate money for services, options, extensions, and so on. Especially, when the first purchase by the customer is regarded for the long-term. For the sake of additional benefits or savings, they are willing to take risks. Someone even ignores safety standards...
When savings are not economical…
For example, the maintenance of security systems. When you visit shopping centers, cinemas or business centers, you probably noticed the presence of special alarms. There are statistics, that say after two years, 50% of emergency systems, sensors and lamps didn't work. Technical reasons are completely different. However, 95% of them can be avoided if you do not ignore the recommendations routine maintenance, inspection, and replacement.

A representative of a company selling and servicing these systems probably managed facts and statistics well when trying to sell his product or service. But, the client takes priority to meet the minimum requirements and save money. Also, his decision is not affected by the understanding of the complexity of the situation. What kind of panic can occur in the case when not all emergency lighting is work.
A specially created VR product can be a tool for solving such a problem. The specialist will be able to visually model and demonstrate an emergency situation. The key advantage is the ability to optionally show the client the difference in the same situation when:

- Normal lights

- Some emergency lightnings

- Full emergency lightnings
In any of the same cases, he shows the animation, what is happening, the work of warning lights, panic and other people's reactions to them. The maximum realism of the environment in any model, whether it be an office, a hospital, or the same cinema. After playing several scenarios, the manager increases the emotional perception of the customer. He will show, with all the facts and percentages, that saving on maintenance or additional protection isn't justified at all. The chance for additional sales of new options or services will increase significantly. Even if the client is not immediately ready to make a decision, he is guaranteed to remember these situations and your recommendations on them. It is unlikely that any of the competitors will be able to make the same impression as you.

VR solutions simplify communications when it is about special products and things. A count of business areas for these solutions is not limited. It is more important to understand that using this instrument even wrenches can be sold in a new way.

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Vladimir Fedorenko - Head of delivery at BidOn Games Studio