Predictions and trends of immersive technologies in 2019-2025

Industry insights, surveys, and predictions into the future of immersive technologies
Step by step BidOn Games Studio improves skills and keeps going with VR/AR markets with the times. A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about Extended Reality and the typical problems of using it for business. Immersion technologies are growing fast, and it is worth discussing the forecasts regarding future trends in 2019.
According to the reports of the XR Association by the year 2025 augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality—will be as a utility as mobile devices.
Pervasiveness of immersive technology
That's the opinion of nearly 9 in 10 respondents and users of these technologies.

The broad feeling of optimism when it comes to the technologies listed above. AR and VR shows the enormous potential of immersive technology as we enter the third decade of the 21st century.

However, a big part of our customers still has concerns remain about the profit and quality of these type of communications between their business and clients or employees.

Typically, they have no understanding with VR/AR, gamification experience and ask us to create content offers for them.
Our experience allows a clear understanding of each company pains and to introduce the software instruments that solved their issues.

We are convinced that our solutions should be the same light as you using your mobile or PC.

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Elon Musk talks about Oculus and Valve virtual reality applications for space exploration
Despite some notes of caution, after reviewing our own and market reports we note strong confidence among manufacturing or research brands.

Perhaps, stemming from heavy investment activity in the space sector. CEO of SpaceX - Elon Mask announced that they will livestreaming a moon mission in VR. They have plans to use this technology not only for researching at droids and robots. They will build a new communication with the community too.

The surveys of startup founders, executives with established technology companies, investors and consultants are the third that is open to include investments in immersive technologies in 2019-2025.

However, it worth to consider, are you ready to trust a company like a partner? Most of the startups are so persistent in their beliefs that the specialist simply looks like a subcontractor who performs the tasks. This relationship probably will ruin your expectations about the impact of technologies.
About the investments

The fourth quarter saw a spike in deal value to $1.7 billion in AR and VR, according to PitchBook. It's about three times the deal value for the same time period in 2017. Investment also rose year-over-year, from more than $2.5 billion in 2017 to $3.8 billion in 2018.

The realized deals in 2018 — mean that in 2019 community and mature players on markets are ready to communicate in a new way. Moreover, these investments have an attractive ROI and benefit duration.
Key areas

As the immersive technologies potential bears out, some geographies and sectors are flourishes. North America was seen as the top region for investment (62%) and was the region expected to witness the fastest growth in the next five years (57%). But despite the stability of the North American market, the survey found promise for the technologies around the globe. Only 13% of respondents identified the Asia-Pacific region as most promising for investment, but significantly, 18% said it will witness the fastest growth in the industry in the next five years, which represents a 38% spread in the tech-hungry Asian market.
Top industries

When asked where they expected to see the most investment in the next 12 months, respondents had a diverse set of answers. As was the case in previous surveys, gaming again led the pack for applications with 54% of respondents expecting high investment. Not far behind, 43% of respondents chose healthcare and medical devices. But education, military and defense, and manufacturing and automotive were also all chosen by at least 20% of respondents—an indication of how space is maturing. Workforce development also showed particular promise, especially as it relates to AR/VR/MR/XR. When shown the statement, "XR is highly applicable to workforce development at this time," 78% of respondents said they agreed.

BidON XR solutions are providing access to all information in real-time, facilitating training and mirroring real-life experiences. The value of this instrument is reducing costs per employee in the adaptation period or upgrading his qualification.
Additional predictions

70% of respondents said they anticipate the AR market to surpass the VR market in revenue. When asked when the AR market will surpass the VR market, 81% of respondents predicted it would happen within five years. We agree with this opinion and add some interesting facts that 100% will drive up this technology.

AR will be boosted by major events such as Apple glasses major consumer release, as well as focusing on its mobile environment ARKit. CEO Tim Cook has gone as far as to say that "AR is going to change everything." Unlike Microsoft or Google, Apple seems to be taking a more mainstream consumer approach to its first AR hardware offering. The expected price will be $1000 that cheaper than competitor products from mentioned brands.
Where VR saw a major rise and fall, AR has been steadily growing in mentions and adaptivity. Web AR and AI integrations make AR solutions handier and progressive.

As we have already mentioned, manufacturing, automotive and engineering industries are one of the most appropriate areas for integrating extended reality solutions. For example

Caterpillar Safety Services recently launched Cat Safety VR for workforce training. The learners are immersed in a virtual place with a realistic experience. The learner's brain captures the training like a memory, creating greater retention than traditional learning. The company's VR safety kit includes a gaming laptop configured to run the Cat Safety VR program and HTC VIVE virtual reality system, which can be used to learn safe behaviors on a job site. As you see it's not so expensive for integration but provides you enough benefits in the quality.
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