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Traditionally, QA is considered to be the last phase in the process of development and focuses on a series of test scripts to evaluate product quality according to functionality, performance, reliability, compatibility, usability, security, maintainability, and portability. But AR, VR and MR introduces a new quality paradigm that can't be programmatically tested: Immersiveness. Because AR, VR and MR blend the physical and virtual worlds in new ways, it is crucial for the experience to be immersive for the end user.
How we test
XR App Testing
Reveals bugs and unknown issues in your Extended Reality application at any stage of its lifecycle.
Functional Testing
Verifies that your software meets all your specifications and requirements.
Usability Testing
Ensures the user experience is optimized so your app is easy to use and understand.
Compatibility Testing
Checks whether your solution is optimized for different operating systems and devices.
Performance Testing
Evaluates how well your software performs under peak load and stress.
Regression and Maintenance Testing
Retests your system or its components after modifications have been made. Makes certain that changes made during app maintenance won't affect performance.
We work with love on
Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift S
Oculus Quest
Oculus Go
HTC Vive
Pico Neo 2
Pico G2 4k
Windows Mixed Reality