Your XR idea #3


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Hey guys! We continuing our rubric "Your XR idea" In the first article we had mentioned how to sell service with Virtual Reality simulator or get additional sales for your products.

We would like to explore one more Extended reality solution for sale. It's an excellent idea to represent big products which are difficult to transport with yourself. Like yachts, wagons or vans, buildings, etc.

Our case

Let's open on an example "INKAS Armored VR App". It's an Oculus Quest based VR application that helps to sell armored transport in any part of the world. Earlier, we present our Augmented Reality version that perfectly allows presenting such equipment at all exhibitions, in any room, even in the office.
Armored vehicle
We also listed the advantages of using both for sales representative and for potential clients:

  • Adoption and possibility to show the product in any-sized place;

  • The instrument, that demonstrated all the technical characteristics, visual view, and functions;

  • Significant cost reduction. Unlike they spent before on documentary/legal permissions, transportations, product placement, etc;

  • All range of vehicles always with your representative;

  • Wow-effect for their customers. All consumers are keeping attention, unlike, boring PowerPoint presentations and POS-materials;

  • Mobility. A company representative is ready at any time to leave for a meeting with a client or visit an exhibition. Accordingly, he has the opportunity to increase the number of meetings and presentations and attend all events thereby increasing the number of sales.
Armored vehicle in AR application
However, we decided to go further and add a gamification feature in Virtual Reality. Oculus Quest is extended the emotional effect of the presentation. In addition, to all benefits before, we include:

  • Direct interactions in combat conditions;
  • Open/close/interaction with all elements of vehicles;
  • Switch on/off all lights, signals;
  • Added multiplayer mode: players avatars, voice chat;
  • Minigame scenario (shooter) with different environments;


VR presentation
Gamification strategy is a win-win solution to up the communication between the customer and the product which you sell. Humans love games, from little children to adults, the prospect of receiving a reward for an action is something we all instinctively are attracted to.
In the consumer products world, especially with apps and games, gamification is a critical tool to keep users engaged and continuing to use the product.

The interactive move will simplify the explanation of the product information, advantages, proofs that it works and more…

Shooter process overview

Gamification by BidOn
The main user (sales manager) moderate the minigame. Before the interface downloaded theusers can watch the promo videos about the real transport.
VR environment
After that, In interaction with other users, they choose the environment and the vehicle from the range and the type of weapon they want to try. The main function to test a closely realistic situation.
Shooting in armored vehicle
The users are shooting towards the vehicles from any position they want. They can change the weapon during the process. All shoots have a realistic effect as same as possible.

When they finished, the main user invites players to come closer and around the chosen vehicle and evaluate the damage.
So, the sales manager characterizes the degree of safety so that the client can make positive conclusions. As a result, he has a good chance to make a successful deal.


Nowadays, commercial video is still used and works for product advertising.

The cost of a quality promotional video for one car for 1-1.5 minutes starts from 25 to 200 thousand dollars. Unfortunately, in a single commercial, it is impossible to reveal the entire range in full. Therefore, the budget may increase by the number of vehicles sold. Also, the client does not have the ability to interact somehow with the product itself. He looks through only one and the same scenario and will be able to try something only in case of direct contact. And this is more "+"s to the cost to either the company or the client.

For comparison, in the budget of one commercial, you can get an excellent tool for direct sales in the form of a virtual reality application. Where there will be all the functionality, the entire range, and even several game scenarios. Also online access in any office or at any exhibition. The only thing, you need to have a headset.

Product Presentation VR
The decision-makers can get a full demo without getting up from their chairs anywhere in the bank, government department or conference hall.

In addition, when you get your personal soft, you get paid just for content updates.

Alternative example

One more option to sell your product or device if you are not in the premium segment or have a limited budget. Our other case VR Boat it's a cardboard variant to sell boats, equipment, and configuration for boats, engines, etc.

The decision-makers can get a full demo without getting up from their chairs anywhere in the bank, government department or conference hall.

In addition, when you get your personal soft, you get paid just for content updates.


If your product requires serious investments in transportation, it cannot be advertised to a mass audience, or you are doing something in order. VR solution is the best option to successfully solve all the tasks at once. You are guaranteed to get a space where you can demonstrate the whole assortment, service, services, and also simulate a situation as close as possible to the real one. And all this is possible in any plane and room, only the presence of the headset is necessary.

If you are interested in how this can be applied in your business, contact me. We also describe all our cases on our blog and group on Linkedin.