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VR technologies in medicine and healthcare

Virtual Reality cases, products, companies in the healthcare and medicine market
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Why it's actual?

According to the reports of the XR Association by the year 2025 augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality—will be as a utility as mobile devices. Healthcare and medical devices are №2 of the top 5 industries to which XR (Extended Reality) is most applicable at this time.
VR in healthcare has a positive and authority background. American Psychological Association has mentioned the effectiveness of using VR in exposure therapies. Psychologists can't always be near the patient in stress situations. Virtual Reality experiences can trigger real reactions and emotions. Producing VR therapy software helps treat anxiety-based disorders with exposure therapy, provides relapse prevention for substance abuse and teaches mindfulness and relaxation.
One of our clients is a specialist in sound production. He had started to develop his own healthcare product after collaboration and researching with Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in 2018. The results accepted the effectiveness of combining stereoscopic 360-degree experiences with binaural audio content. The study rates the effectiveness of the Magic Horizons concept as thoroughly positive. The Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin will collaborate with the Charité University Hospital in Berlin for future tests relating to VR experiences. More on this a bit further.
Patient in a virtual reality headset
Patient has the healthcare therapy after car accident
Today, extended reality technologies are helping medicine specialists in profile education and health treatment. Immersive technologies it's not only entertainment. Their target is improving productivity, training, creativity and fix less of experience.

The markets for healthcare and modern medicine are always the most developing and full of investments. The advent of augmented reality innovation gives these markets an impactful boost.
Statistic about XR technologies in industries
Statistic credit by Accenture
According to the data of Accenture research on average, 21% of work time could potentially be augmented by the use of XR, in healthcare is rising to more than 35%. A true assessment, we recently also indicated how effectively can increase productivity in sports using AR and VR.

So, it would be great to discuss the top products of VR/AR for healthcare.

The treatment of Post-traumatic
Stress Disorder

One in three people who experience an extremely traumatic event — anything from a car accident to a natural disaster to a violent mugging — will suffer from PTSD. The symptoms are often persistent and life-wrecking: nightmares, insomnia, and feelings of isolation, irritability, and guilt.
soldier in virtual reality army simulator
Using VR, veterans suffering from PTSD enter a virtual war zone to relive the trauma of serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Most people associate virtual reality with gaming, but what if its immersive worlds could be used as therapy? What if virtual reality could help veterans with PTSD? At the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies, clinical psychologist Dr. Albert "Skip" Rizzo and his medical V.R. research team are working on just that. With the help of state-of-the-art processors and lightning-fast computers, they're giving veterans a chance to confront their past and heal.

Limbix VR

Limbix is actively researching and productizing therapies for a new therapeutic class: Prescription Digital Therapeutics. PDTs require strict compliance with FDA quality management standards, are put through rigorous research trials, and in certain cases can be paired with existing pharmacological treatments. Upon FDA approval, PDTs support medical claims and can be prescribed similarly to traditional drugs.

Skip Rizzo, Ph.D., mentioned above, is also one of the consultants for the Limbix team.

Their current directions are aimed at:

  • Adolescent Depression;
  • Major Depressive Disorder;
  • Social Anxiety;
  • Panic Disorder;
  • Chronic Pain
  • Adolescent Social Anxiety;
  • Alcohol Use Disorder;

Medicine VR simulators/surgery trainings

Online training for Nurse and EMS - VR Patients
A lot of scenarios for nurses like a inoculation, artificial respiration for the First Aid & Emergencies. One of the best practical training for healthcare practitioners. VR patients in this project is a cost-effective means of offering unlimited training and assessment by realistically simulating actual procedures and experiences.

"Magic Horizons" My better life

Founded in 2018, a global platform for mental deceleration in VR. Their products offer a unique combination of elaborately produced 360-degree environments in 3D, uplifting music, modern virtual reality technology and fantastic virtual worlds for VR headsets.
Over the past year, Martin and Giorgio Koppehele were able to implement 22 experiences in their platform. At this stage, the product is available only in the B2B segment for use in aircraft, train stations, airports and for stress therapy of employees of large companies. However, Magic Horizons also plans to create a client for B2C, but there is no exact date information.

What these guys do is quite impressive. The user in any free time is able to enjoy the sound of the surf or the sounds of nature while sitting in a simple chair.
Cave in Crete with crystal water
Crystal Cave in Crete
In another scenario, you listen to Delta, Theta, Alpha waves and meditate in Binaural Beats. Such procedures revitalize and stimulate creativity.
VR room for listening binaural beats
Binaural Beats
Echoes and white
In the third area, there are scenarios developed specifically for this purpose. Two controllers are used to offer a particularly intensive yet relaxing immersive experience. You can thus playfully experience a relaxing flow state in a Crystal Cave with leaves, flowers, butterflies or light particles, or roam through a Zen Garden and draw patterns in the sand with a virtual rake. The Number Training interactive experience offers a playful exercise with numbers.

Even a few regular breaks with a VR headset and the innovative content by Magic Horizons are enough to promote mental regeneration and to relax the user within a short time. The holistic approach with modern VR technology and unique, touching content far exceeds the possibilities of conventional relaxation CDs and smartphone meditation apps. VR applications are perfect for people in all walks of life who are exposed to great psychological stress and wish to achieve maximum concentration and mental fitness. Renowned partners in the fields of air, sea, and bus travel, telecommunications, technology, and entertainment retail and corporate health management are already using the VR applications by Magic Horizons GmbH as pilots and for their customers. At the same time, the VR content offers exciting activities and therapeutic approaches for burnout patients, senior citizens, people with limited mobility, and people in long-term care. The high entertainment factor with active and passive interactive elements and the simple operation of Magic Horizons offer relaxation experiences for a global target group and people of any age.

Additional education with VR

There is a lot of Augmented and Virtual reality apps for learning anatomy, body structure or life processes.
3D anatomy models VR view
Medically accurate 3D anatomy models in VR
For example, the heart is a complicated three-dimensional organ, and it's really hard to describe what's going on inside of it — especially when something is going wrong. Virtual reality eliminates a lot of that complexity by letting people go inside the heart and see what's happening themselves — it's worth way more than a thousand words.
These are just a few of the many cutting-edge examples in the use of immersive technologies in medical education. VR and AR help doctors, nurses, and students build mastery through real-life scenarios, share knowledge, prepare to solve problems, and save lives.


VR, AR, and Mixed Reality are boosting the innovations in the healthcare, medicine and learning environment. Providing new opportunities to learn-by-doing for increased retention and proficiency, share valuable resources globally, and offering savings in the high cost of training and time. Everyone wants their surgeon to be perfectly prepared and XR makes it real.
Written by Vladimir Fedorenko
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